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Milford Sound, Oban and Dunedin

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Penguins are shown above and Albatross below. On the Albatross visit, the winds were at least 50 mph which the Albatross loved. Fortunately we were in a glass enclosed observation area. It was quite a hike to get up there though.

Milford Sound was our first New Zealand sight. We did not go ashore, but instead cruised through Fjordland National Park (photo on left).


Our first day on land was Oban/Stewart Island where we went ashore and hiked through the rain forest. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures that day. The forest were teaming with ferns, ferns and more ferns.


Our next port was Dunedin where we did a tour of the Otago Peninsula with Back to Nature Tours. This included visits to the Railroad Station, Larnach Castle, Penguin Place and the Albatross Colony. 

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