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Lobster and mango salad with lemon olive oil dressing. Saffron cream soup with sun-dried tomato crostini. Both quite yummy.

My home for the 15 hour flight to Hong Kong. Departed 2:40 PM arrived 7 PM +1.

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OK, dinner was superb. Grilled double bone lamb chops with rosemary jus, polenta cake, sautéed spinach and ratatouille.

Wonderful smoked salmon and caviar appetizer. On previous trips I skipped the caviar as I pretty much held it in contempt due to a previous tasting (elsewhere) years ago. However, I read that there is good and bad caviar, and that the caviar on Cathy Pacific was suppose to be very good. I’m glad I tired it as it was awesome and so was the smoked salmon.

I departed DCA on a little Embraer commuter jet in seat 9A and exit row seat on the left hand side of the plane. Our take-off to the north afforded me a view of the Pentagon which was quickly replaced by Arlington Cemetery and thoughts of Mom and Dad. They loved to travel, and travel the world they did. I attribute my passion for travel to them and to Ron who also loved to travel. I am lucky they can accompany me on these trips, if only in spirit.


JFK is where the real joy of travel started… Cathay Pacific First Class. My neighbor says its still a metal tube hurtling through the sky. Well yes it is, but in this case it includes great food and a spacious seat that makes into a 3’x7’ bed.

For dessert, fresh berries with rose syrup. Rose syrup was a first for me and it was quite interesting, and yes yummy. And to finish, cappuccino and chocolates.