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Frosty, Santa and friends (ice sculptures) adorning the entrance to the restaurant.

While the desserts were impressive, the area outside where the main courses were featured was quite impressive by itself. As noted in the opening paragraph there was a variety of food. Pictured to the right is the grill station for lamb, beef, chicken and beef kabobs, and bratwurst. There was another for seafood, a carvery, noodles, pasta, dim sum, salads, sushi, etc.

The dessert area picture to the left and below encompassed the entire interior of the restaurant. Two dessert buffets and a dozen or so ice tables and sculptures adorned with desserts. The picture below on the left shows an islands of ice tables and sculptures down the center of this section of the restaurant. The picture on the right shows one of the free standing ice tables and its sculpture that was in the other section of the restaurant around the corner from the section shown on the left.

Christmas Eve buffet was incredible, ice sculptures of snow men and Christmas trees, with dozens of ice tables adorned with food and desserts. Two grill areas where they prepared shrimp, lobster and fish at one and steak, lamb, chicken and beef kabobs, and brats at another. There was also a carving area with turkey and roast beef, a whole roast pig, and separate Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Thai sections. Food was great.


As I sat there and watched all the families enjoying their meals together, of course it brought back fond memories of times gone by. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may you be lucky enough to spend it with family and friends.

After having dinner alone amongst all the families, I had a passing feeling of loneliness only to return to my room and find my bed turned down for two. Was Santa going to bring me a present? A fleeting thought as I awoke alone on Christmas morning. The picture on the right is where I spent a good part of Christmas day.